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About Todd

Mistakenly labeled learning disabled in first grade, Todd Corbin grew up with very low self-esteem causing years of devastating social and emotional impact.  Now a stress and performance expert, mindfulness teacher, and certified parent coach, Todd speaks professionally to business people, parents, teachers,  students, and athletes  on ways of using mindful awareness to enhance performance and prevent stress and anxiety.

Todd has been practicing and teaching mindfulness/meditation since 1994, integrating the 2,600 year old wisdom with the most current research into areas of the mind, brain, and social and emotional learning.

Todd  completed a number of formal training programs in mindfulness including: A series of courses with Daniel J. Siegel, MD of the Mindsight Institute, Still Quiet Place by Dr. Amy Saltzman, Stressed Teens by Gina Biegel (MBSR-T), Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) course created by Jon Kabat-Zinn, and  mPEAK: Mindful Performance Enhancement, Awareness & Knowledge at the UC San Diego Center for Mindfulness
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Todd also received extensive training in meditation directly from best-selling authors Deepak Chopra and Neale Donald Walsch.  As a result, he created a mindfulness based curriculum for children in 2003 based on their teachings and Todd’s own insights  taught at the Chopra Center for Well-Being in Carlsbad, CA.

Todd with Deepak Chopra

Todd with Deepak Chopra

Todd is a certified parenting coach/consultant with the Academy for Coaching Parents International with an emphasis in serving families of children with special needs.  He is also a certified level 2  practitioner in Awesomism, a cutting edge program created by Speech Language Pathologist, Suzy Miller, for communicating with and understanding children (especially those on the spectrum) at a deeper level.  The main premise of Awesomism, like mindfulness, is that the more aligned to self and aware one is, the more meaningful one’s life experiences.  When this happens, awareness and the ability to communicate at all levels is enhanced.

Having spent over twenty-one years working for the world’s leading educational publishers like Pearson, Cengage, and Houghton-Mifflin afforded Todd access to thousands of teachers/professors in schools across the country.  Todd conducted workshops for and interviewed hundreds of instructors finding out specifically what they were doing to help students learn more effectively.   Todd also spent twelve years as an instructor at Lakeland Community College in Kirtland, Ohio, teaching courses in stress management, peak performance, communication skills, and mindfulness.

Todd is a classic movie aficionado,  an avid runner, and sports enthusiast.  He was captain of his high school golf team and played varsity baseball where he used his speed to track down many fly balls in the outfield.  He continues his passion for sports by coaching youth baseball and working with high achieving adolescent athletes.todd coaching baseball #2 7-16-13 (2)

He resides in Ohio with his wife, two boys, and  Irish Setter running partner.IMG_20140526_115737_775


Nasa_logo-2I highly recommend Todd Corbin’s mindfulness program, it may change your life! As a working mom, Todd’s mindfulness session here at NASA, brought awareness about “minding the gap”….Finding those quiet moments to pay attention to my breathing, body, senses, emotions and thoughts to help move beyond stress and worry and better performance. While life is still quite busy with work and family, I am not on autopilot anymore, but intentional about what I am choosing to focus on.” –Marlena N. Hudson, SPHR, Organization & Employee Development, NASA Glenn Research Center


“Brilliant job with the team tonight to motivate them!!!   You turned what could have been a very demoralizing loss into a game to inspire more great playing and teamwork in the future.    It was wonderful to watch.”  –Tom Muzilla, associate baseball coach and attorney


“We were looking for a unique professional development topic for our sales team’s annual leadership council meeting and Todd Corbin’s half-day training on Mindfulness in the Workplace delivered!  Todd is a wonderful presenter.  His philosophy of staying in the moment translates into compassionate training and skilled listening.  He keeps the presentation lively with fun activities, experiential learning, and scientific evidence to back up the key tenets of his presentation.  You’ll learn about the Origins of Mindfulness, some Science of the Brain, and you’ll get a lot of practical advice and plenty of food for thought.  If you’re looking for some training  in a sub-discipline of management that’s hot right now, you’ll love Todd’s program!”  –David Horwitz, Vice President of Sales, SAGE Publishing




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